Nucleus toplotne pumpe, Novi Sad
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Nucleus, Novi Sad
Nucleus toplotne pumpe, Novi Sad

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Nucleus toplotne pumpe, Novi Sad


Geothermal pumps use constant earth temperature as the source of energy for heating or cooling the refrigerants since the earth temperature is lower in the summer and higher in winter than the temperature of the air. Whether the heat energy of the earth is drawn via ground waters (wells) or directly via earth itself, this type of energy is renewable and does not leave any consequences on the eco system. Every heat pump may heat, cool and, if constructed that way, it may also heat the warm sanitary water.

Working principle of COMFORT heat pump

Every heat pump consists of 4 parts that represent the basis of the whole working principle and those are: Compressor, Evaporator, Condenser and an Expansion Valve.

  1. The low pressure and low temperature liquid coolant exits the expansion valve and takes over the temperature from the environment (heat source – water, air, brine…) via the heat exchanger (evaporator) which causes the evaporation, and the refrigerant converts from liquid to gas. The prerequisite for this process is that environment temperature (heat source) is higher than the temperature of the refrigerant since otherwise the heat takeover would not take place as well as the evaporation.
  2. The compressor sucks in the gas (vapour) phase of the refrigerant from the evaporator and compresses (condenses) the gas to high pressure and high temperature.

  3. The gas under high pressure and temperature transfers its heat energy from the compressor to a colder medium for heat transfer (ex. water, glycol for heating…) via the heat exchanger (condenser) which causes it to condense and return to liquid state.

  4. After the condenser, the refrigerant reaches the expansion valve whose task is to lower the pressure and the temperature of the refrigerant below the temperature of the heat source so that the cycle may be repeated.

Models and Components

NUCLEUS heat pumps are delivered as functionally ready for operation, and depending on the equipment and comfort the pumps provide, they are being produced as three models – Simplity, Comfort and Lux.

Model Comfort consists of the following components:
Controller V510B
Scroll compressor (Copeland)
Plate exchanger for the evaporator and condenser (Alfa Laval)
4-way diverter valve (Danfoss with HC and DHC models)
Electrical expansion valve (Carel)
Display NSD10
Pressure sensors on primary and secondary sides (Carel)
Flow indicator on primary side
Sight glass for the refrigerant (Danfoss)
Filter drier (Danfoss)
Low pressure gas heat exchanger (Alfa Laval)
Circulating pump system sides (HST, Grundfos)
Asymmetric phase relay
Solid metal housing; sound-heat-fire isolated.
4 pipe fittings (5 fittings with HD and DHC models)

Technical Details
Installation and Use Instructions

Nucleus toplotne pumpe, Novi Sad



Wide use, reliable and silent work, simple installation, handling and servicing.



Saves your money. Most efficient and environmentally friendly way of heating and cooling, not only the premises but sanitary water as well.



Environmental awareness, using natural, inexhaustible sources of energy.



Highly efficient heating and cooling regime from -35˚C to + 43˚C.


The Company Nucleus Energy d.o.o. was founded with a goal to contribute to the development and production of heat pumps. More than 30 years of experience in production of heat pumps with the new technologies of the present, will ensure the most efficient way of heating and cooling. Besides the comfort, efficient heating and low exploitation cots, what the heat pump also provides you with is extremely economical cooling during the summer.

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