Nucleus toplotne pumpe, Novi Sad
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Nucleus, Novi Sad
Nucleus toplotne pumpe, Novi Sad

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Nucleus toplotne pumpe, Novi Sad

Nucleus - references

Hotel Prezident in Novi Sad – heat pumps were installed in order to heat the premises, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well as the sanitary water. The system for delivering heat energy consists of the floor heating and fan-coil units. The air-conditioning of the premises is also covered by the heat pumps.

Hotel Premium Prezident - they use our air to water heat pump. Heat pumps heat and air-condition all premises. They are used for heating the water in the swimming pool and preparing warm sanitary water. The system for delivering the heat energy is the combination of floor and wall heating.

TAKT Temerinsko likovno stvaralačka kolonija (TAKT - Art Colony from Temerin)
Temerin, JNA 126
Water to water heat pump with capacity of BES 26kw, heating, active cooling, 300m², floor heating and fan coil

Zlatnik-komerc DOO
Zemun, Dobanovačka 95
Water to water heat pump with capacity of BES 150kw, heating, active cooling, radiators + fan coil

Bomax DOO
Subotica, Edvarda Kardelja 13/A
Business premises and offices, water to water heat pump with capacity of BES 35kW, floor and wall heating
Private apartment, 300m², floor and wall heating, closed pools, jacuzzi, water to water heat pump with capacity of 2X BES 22kW

Zoološki vrt grada Beograda (City Zoo Belgrade)
Mali Kalemegdan 8
Chiller for the pool for seals, capacity of 60kW

SUR Riblja Čarda Nećko (Restaurant Riblja Čarda Nećko)
Novi Sad, Ribarsko ostrvo
Water to water, with capacity of BES 12kW, floor heating

Pottker DOO
Bačka Topola, Edvarda Kardelja bb
2 pieces of water to water BES 50kW, 2 pcs 1000m² production hall, floor heating


Mobile ice rink, Kanjiža

Zoos in Belgrade and Jagodina – pools for seals with volume of about 250m³

Hotel Prezident
Novi Sad, Futoška 109
Water to water, 3X 60kW, heating, active cooling, floor heating, radiators and fan coil units
Water to water, 35kW, sanitary water 2X1000 litres
Water to water, 15kW, indoor swimming pool and air dryer
Water to water, 15kW, outdoor swimming pool

Hotel Premier Prezident
Sremski Karlovci
Floor, wall and ceiling heating, and fan coil units in rooms. Air to water, 3X70kW, split system, also produces sanitary water, heats the swimming pool and jacuzzi and provides ventilation

Vila Prezident (Villa Prezident)
Air to water, 3X35kW, heating, active cooling, floor heating, fan coil. There are 25 rooms, an indoor swimming pool, air dryer, wine cellar and restaurant heating

Residential building for collective housing
Dr. Kornela Radulovića 38
24 apartment and 4 commercial units, 1150m², radiator heating, water to water, 70kW

Collective housing units
Nušićeva 9 i 9/A
700-700 m²
12-12 apartments
2 pcs, water to water, BES 50kw, radiator heating, wells under parking lot

Many halls and production plants, as well as residential premises, have been using our heat pumps.

Nucleus toplotne pumpe, Novi Sad



Wide use, reliable and silent work, simple installation, handling and servicing.



Saves your money. Most efficient and environmentally friendly way of heating and cooling, not only the premises but sanitary water as well.



Environmental awareness, using natural, inexhaustible sources of energy.



Highly efficient heating and cooling regime from -35˚C to + 43˚C.


The Company Nucleus Energy d.o.o. was founded with a goal to contribute to the development and production of heat pumps. More than 30 years of experience in production of heat pumps with the new technologies of the present, will ensure the most efficient way of heating and cooling. Besides the comfort, efficient heating and low exploitation cots, what the heat pump also provides you with is extremely economical cooling during the summer.

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